How Google Drive works with Gmail email

Gmail is a free website based service that helps business and people to stay in contact with each other through messages. This service is back boned by Google, a company that is known for its reliability and stability. Google keeps bringing something new in the field of information technology from time to time to offers users quality services and ease their communication. Recently, in 2012 Google offered a latest service known as Google drive that is a synchronization and file storage service. This service allows users to use different features such as collaborative editing, cloud storage and file sharing. Files that are shared publicly on the Google drive are searchable with website search engines. Google drive can also be taken as a home of Google documents or as an office suite of the productivity applications which offer mutual editing of documents, presentations, spreadsheets and more. Google Drive works with Gmail because it offers storage, supports different file formats and offers data safety and privacy. Though, large space for documents is a major requirement of business organization but still it is also important from personal point of view. Mutual working of Drive and Gmail is mentioned below; Insert files in Gmail by using Google Drive If there is any user who wants to send a file like word document or image then he or she can attach this file from computer and insert file in message using Google drive. Though, receiver will receive the file in same way no matter which method is used but there are some common differences in Drive and normal attaching file. Some of these are: When user is attaching file through computer than he or she can only attach files up to 25MB. Now if same user is using Google Drive for inserting files in the message then he or she can send any file that is up to 10 gigabytes (10 GB). Another advantage of using Google Drive is that user has the control of the file even after it is sent to different people. User can update the sharing settings and can also delete the file any time. However, if file is attached and sent to people then no changes can be made after sending. One more advantage of Google drive is that it helps making collaborative editing in documents which user has shared with people. These changes can also be seen in real time. This feature is no available if file is attached and sent. The steps for inserting file using Google drive are as follows: Visit official website of Gmail Google drive feature can only be used by existing Gmail users. Firstly, they have to visit and sign in by entering their email address and password. Click the Compose option Once user get sign in he or she will have to click the “compose” message option that is on the top left side above “inbox” option. After clicking it, a new window will pop out and in this window user can either attach the file or insert it via Google Drive. For inserting using Google Drive, follow guidelines mentioned below; Hover over plus “+” icon which is present at the bottom of compose window. This will open a new insert menu that contains different options. Now click Google Drive icon . Now a new window will appear and in this user can upload any file using Google Drive. There are also other options such as search for and navigate to files that are available in Google Drive. The files that are present in the drive select checkboxes which are present next to files that you want to insert. If there are no files available in Google Drive then user can create, upload and synchronize the. After selecting the files, click the “insert” button. Now Gmail will add link to user’s message so that recipient can check the link and view file. In a nutshell, Google Drive is designed to make sharing easy. Now files with large size and different formats are not only easy to share but also remain stored in Google Drive. Last but not the least, if you are Gmail users then it is recommended to use Google Drive for sharing things.

Hotmail Incoming Mail Box

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Configuring Gmail Account with an iPhone

Need help configuring your Gmail account on your iPhone? The process isn’t quite as simple as choosing Gmail’s default profile builder that’s included with your phone. Now that Google has added IMAP to their Gmail service, you can easily sync up your Gmail account with your iPhone in just a few simple steps. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to configure Gmail on your iPhone using IMAP. 1. Enable IMAP Before configuring your Gmail account, you may need to enable IMAP. To do this, first open the Gmail web client and click on Settings. In the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, tap “enable IMAP.” Don’t forget to click on “save changes” before exiting. 2. Add Your Gmail Account Next, add your Gmail account. Open the Settings menu and select Mail, Contacts, Calendars from the list of options. From here, you can tap Add Account and select Other. 3. Enter Your Account Information After clicking “Other,” you will be prompted to add your name, email address and your Gmail login password. Add “Gmail” to the description field. Once you have entered your details, tap Save in the upper right-hand corner. 4. Edit the Incoming Mail Server Settings In the “Incoming Mail Server,” enter “” in the Host Name field. In the User Name field, enter your full Gmail address. The Password field should be filled in automatically after entering your Gmail address. 5. Edit the Outgoing Mail Server Settings The Outgoing Mail Server settings also allows you to adjust the host name, user name and password. In the Host Name field, enter “,” and enter your full Gmail address in the User Name field. Finally, enter your Gmail password in the Password field. Once you have edited these settings, tap Save in the upper right corner. After your phone verifies your new settings, it will return you to the Settings tab. Your account should now be properly configured, and it should appear in on your account list in your phone’s Mail app. If your Gmail account is not listed, repeat the steps above carefully. Gmail Sign In with the Gmail App You can also access your Gmail account through the Gmail app for the iPhone and iPad. The app can be downloaded from the iTunes store. To sign into your Gmail account, begin by opening the Gmail app. Tap the Menu icon and tap your account address. Next, tap Add Account and enter your Gmail username and password. Once you are sign into your Gmail account, you will automatically be logged into other Google products, such as Drive, Maps and YouTube. The Gmail app allows you to use most of Gmail’s features and supports up to five Google accounts. While it is possible to configure a Gmail account by simply tapping Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Gmail, this method doesn’t always work for everyone. The steps listed above are part of an advanced setup method, which tends to be the most successful way to configure Gmail accounts on an iPhone.

Common Gmail Login problems and their solutions!

Gmail offers some of the best and most complex security and user features, while also being accessible and easy to use. But this combination is a delicate balance to achieve. As such, if someone finds them caught in the grey area in between, their Gmail experience can become complicated and riddled with problems. One such common problem that can occur is Gmail login issues – i.e. Gmail login page not allowing them to get into their account. Gmail login problems are commonly caused by certain repeated issues. Read on to know more about and rectify your Gmail login problem! First for those who forgot their passwords Use your alternate e-mail ID or phone number: If your Gmail login problem is not so much a website related malfunction, but because you aren’t sure of your Gmail login ID or password, then never fear. This is the easiest Gmail login problem to fix. At the time of your signing up with Gmail, you will have registered an alternate e-mail address and your phone number. Now, the website will prompt whether to send your password to you at either of these places. If you are still using this alternate e-mail ID or cell phone number, simply click yes and you will get the password and instructions sent to you, simple as that! If you can’t use that: So the cell phone number registered with Gmail isn’t your current number, i.e., you have changed your phone number. And on top of that, you are not sure of the password and login details of your alternate e-mail ID either. In that case, you can always choose to go in with the security question. Just answer the simple question picked by you, and you can get the password. If, for some reason, you are not able to answer right for the security question either, the only option left is the Account Recovery Form, where you will fill in your details to prove you are the owner of that account. If you can prove that, Gmail will contact you and send you the password for your account. If you’re sure your password and ID are correct, but still can’t log in Web browser Cookies settings: If you are on a new computer/browser and the Gmail login problem could be because of cookies. Google and all its daughter websites – like Gmail – need the browser to have cookies enabled to function. So click on the Tools or Settings tab of whichever browser you are using, search for the Options which says ‘Cookies’ and in there, ensure ‘Enable Cookies’ is ticked. Web browser issues: There are two sides to this cause for your Gmail login problem. One is caused by Outdated Web browser and another is caused by extremely up-to-date web browser. Here’s how it goes. Are you the kind of person who keeps hitting ‘Ignore’ whenever the web browser you are using prompts you to update it? In this case, that could be a problem. Websites like Gmail are re-configured and updated every few months to cater to the latest browsers and gadgets. If your web browser is several months to years out of date, then it is definitely going to be causing problems. Solution – Update your web browser! Another could be that your browser or software is a little too up-to-date and Gmail hasn’t made the tweaks necessary to accommodate this yet. In such cases, your only option is to find another device with a different OS/browser to login in to Gmail from! Internet Connection issues: Gmail needs a good, high speed internet connection. If your internet connection is too slow or too weak in case of Wi-Fi or 3G connectivity, then Gmail Login can give you lots of issues. Solution – Well, there is the obvious ‘get a faster internet connection’ advice. But in case you are not able to do that, for now the immediate solution would be to log in to Gmail using their handy HTML webpage layout, which is designed specifically for low speed and bad internet connections. In the Gmail login page, you will have an option that states ‘Log in using HTML for slower connections’. Clicking on that will lead to faster usability and results. The HTML page does not have full features of a normal Gmail account – but it does get the job done! Infected host files and malwares: Google Chrome and Gmail both install parts of their data in your computer for easy access purposes and to enable their launch. If these files of Gmail or Google Chrome are infected by computer viruses, then it could contribute to not letting you log in to Gmail. Solution – Run an anti-virus scan. Check the host files especially to see if they are carrying any malware. When the anti-virus prompts, click ‘yes’ to delete all viruses and the infected host files. Firewall and Anti-popup software Sometimes Firewall, Anti-popup/ Anti-advertisement and other security software installed in a browser can cause Log in troubles, due to a perceived breach of safety and security by these software. Solution – Find the ‘Make Exceptions’ option in your software and add Gmail to the software’s security exceptions. If you are unable to do that or the software is still causing trouble, disable or uninstall it. Internet Configuration Problems: Check if Gmail login is the only page that is having issues or if other e-mail or social networking websites are also giving log in problems. If yes, it may be a configuration problem in your internet connection modem or router. Solution – Call in your local network service provider and review if your Internet options are all properly configured. If not, fix any discrepancies with his assistance. Client Settings configuration: Do you outsource your Gmail account and use it for multiple log in portals in different sites? For example, do you use the same Gmail ID to log in to Outlook express, Facebook, Youtube and other websites? In this case, some virus or hack in even one of these sites or a change in options in one site can cause problems with your Gmail login. Solution – Click on the log in options that allow Gmail to search for hacks or misuse of the ID and request Gmail to send verification code to your safety ID or your cell phone number. These are some of the most common Gmail Login problems faced by a person. If none of this apply to you and you are still unable to log in to your Gmail account, contact the Gmail Login Help and inform them of your login issues!

Gmail Login Page

Gmail Login : Gmail is a simple and effective mail service by Google. You can send or receive and send emails to people around the world. In this post we will give you exact guide to Login and Gmail Login Page. After you Login Gmail, you are automatically logged in to all Google Services. Learn How to do Gmail Login.Gmail Login has become more easier since Google has launched a new interface for logging in to different services provided by Google. You just have to Log in to Gmail and you’ll get logged in to all your available Google Services automatically. Gmail Login is also used sometimes to log in to third party websites with API. Follow our below procedure to know Gmail Login.

Gmail Sign in

Are you looking for official gmail account login ? Do not worry, I have Gmail account login page information where you can follow the instruction on how to get access in official Gmail Sign in page and further login process. Login to Gmail account is very easy process indeed. However, before login to gmail you must have registered Gmail account or else your attempts to Sign in Gmail account is of no use. You will simply waste your time and efforts. Requirements for Gmail account login: - Gmail username and password - Internet connection on your computer - must not be blocked by ISP (Internet Service Provider) - Make sure you have correct Gmail address. If you accomplished the overall requirements, you can easily Login to Gmail account.

Gmail Login

used throughout the entire world, an e-mail service gmail google mail service is used quite often prepared for friends who want to make a gmail login utility that works, I think this article I hope I have given up for now by clicking the link you will see an article on direct mail than to take care of yourself as much as you share... Gmail Login